Catalogue Management

CWR Tools are not a long-term solution.

Inspection tools are mostly used by music publishers who received their catalog from their CMO in the CWR format, and don't know what to do with it. These tools help to make CWR files a bit more comprehensible. But, they will still not know what to do with CWR files.

CSV to CWR creates valid CWR files, but only if data in the incoming CSV file passes the no-garbage-in validation. Which takes several attempts for most music publishing professionals.


DMP (Django-Music-Publisher) is free, open-source software for managing music metadata, registration of musical works, royalty management, and data distribution.

CWR Tools are using the code from DMP. For example, the same CSV format is used in DMP to import data into the database. And this data can be exported as CWR file. CSV to CWR tool just combines these in one step.

It is better to have data in a database, forms with validation, good documentation, etc. The deployment takes under 5 minutes.

Just like for CWR Tools, only community support is available, if any.

That Green Thing

That Green Thing is commercial software-as-a-service for music publishers.

Built on top of DMP, it has far more features: support for multiple PROs, multiple territories, multiple publishers (incl. administrators and sub-publishers), etc.

That Green Thing comes with professional support, covering both tech and publishing.